Veterans at the Frank Bruno Centre

Amicus Trust and The Frank Bruno Foundation have recently teamed up to give the opportunity for veterans at our Cublington house to travel once a week to Northampton to take part in a Mental health And wellbeing course through boxing.

Three veterans from the Wing project took part in the inauguration day last week and were very impressed with both the format and delivery of the training.

When most people think of boxing, they think more of chaos than calm. For those who do boxing training, they know that can’t be correct. “There’s a mindfulness, even a meditation to boxing training,” the participants were told on the first day. So much of the training is about focus, being intentional, and about calming yourself.

The event consists of a morning boxing session which can include circuits, bag and pad work. Lunch is then provided (Marks & Spencer’s too)! After lunch participants then sit down to a light hearted mental health development workshop. This covers a range of different topics such as nutrition, the stigma behind mental health and the various ways to help better both mental and physical health.

The course lasts four 8 weeks, with an opportunity at the end for souvenir photos. Participants will achieve a
real sense of progression and achievement after working with the highly motivated course staff.

We are so grateful to the Frank Bruno centre for the opportunity provided.