How does the Amicus supported accommodation procedure work?

Details can be found on our Amicus Policies and Procedures Page

How long can a client stay in a Amicus Trust Supported Accommodation?

We are classed as a short-term accommodation provider. This means that a client can live in a Amicus Trust Accommodation for up to two years (single homeless).

Can Amicus Trust provide Accommodation for families?

The majority of our properties are dedicated to single homeless, however, we have one property dedicated to the support of a single family in Bedford. Please contact for more information and to find out about availability. 

Are clients allowed to bring pets when staying in Amicus Trust Supported Accommodation?

No; Amicus Trust cannot accommodate pets unless they are certified medical support dogs.

Does Amicus Trust provide specialist support for individuals with mental health issues?

Amicus Trust cannot provide support to individuals with high level support needs. This is because we do not have staff adequately trained in these areas. If a client is in our supported accommodation and found to be in need of higher level support, we will refer them to another provider that specialises in this field.

What methods does Amicus Trust take to ensure the Health and Safety of clients and staff in their Supported Accommodations?

Health and Safety, risk assessment and fire drills are carried out regularly each month. Each Accommodation will discuss any issues that need attention at residents meeting. Residents are informed of any issues concerning health and safety at residents meetings and they are encouraged to report all health and safety concerns to any member of staff. 

Clients are informed of what to do in the event of a fire, and fire safety equipment, such as extinguishers and fire blankets are located within each accommodation.

Each accommodation has a member of staff that is fully trained in First Aid. 

Each accommodation has a cleaning rota where clients take turns to do household cleaning duties. This ensures that the accommodations are in line with Health and Safety regulations.

What methods does Amicus Trust take to ensure the security of its Supported Accommodations?

CCTV cameras are placed within the accommodations. Amicus Trust has a 24 hour pager system where clients can contact a member of staff if the need arises.

For specific properties Amicus Trust also employs Night Concierge who regularly visit the accommodations during the night to ensure security.

What Facilities are available to clients in the accommodations?

Facilities available to clients are: Communal lounge




Access to computer/internet

Laundry Facilities


Garden (in most of our accommodations)