Research shows that those who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, are much more likely to experience mental distress and a significant number do not have access to the support they need. These issues worsen during periods of homelessness and without intervention individuals can find it difficult to break the cycle of poor mental health and homelessness. 

Amicus Trust's mental health project has been established to address these very issues,  recognising that many individuals may also have complex needs and chaotic lifestyles that may impact on engagement.

Supporting your mental health

If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness and would like support with your emotions, anxiety or mental health, Amicus Trust may be able to offer you the support you need. 

The support provided is one-to-one, confidential and tailored to the needs of each individual - our approach is flexible, unjudgmental and shows a great deal of understanding of the complex needs that you may experience. 

What to expect ; 

  • Initial assessment/meeting to discuss your needs  
  • If appropriate you can have regular sessions and / or supported in accessing other services
  • You can create a Mental Health Recovery plan with your mental health worker and decide how you want to be supported
  • Amicus can deliver Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - for low self-esteem, anger and anxiety management,  DBT for borderline personality disorders or Talking therapy to or to unload, vent or explore key issues.  
  • You can also be signposted and supported to engage with other services for clinical mental health issues
  •  Support is available for engagement with drug or alcohol dependency agencies and other support groups i.e. PTSD, anxiety, reducing isolation etc.
  • Suggested self-management techniques i.e. exercise, diaries, Mindfulness and Progressive muscle relaxation can be taught

Where is support available

Bedford Mental Health Project 

The Bedford mental health project has been funded with thanks to The Harpur Trust, the project is managed by appointment from the Amicus Trust training centre on Midland road, although sessions are available in other locations. Amicus Trust delivers this service to existing Amicus clients but also accept self referrals from homeless individuals from Bedford and also clients from other organisations. 

Amicus Trust Floating Mental Health Support 

Following the success of the Bedford Mental Health Project, Amicus Trust has launched floating mental health support in the other regions in which we operate. This support is currently available is you are an existing client of Amicus Trust, please enquire online or speak to your key worker. 

Veteran Mental Health Support

The Veteran Mental Health Worker covers all the regions in which Amicus Trust provides accommodation; Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Leicester. This support dovetails with the accommodation and Key Work currently provided to veteran service users . Please enquire online or speak to your Key Worker about support. 

To find out more call 01234 348578 or enquire online