Community Support for Veterans

The Veteran Service Users located out at the Wing Rural accommodation project have always been incredibly grateful for the community support they receive from local residents.

This Christmas, Community Support 4 Veterans, which was set up by Cathy Faulkner and Liz Morgan have been raising funds for emergency extras that may be needed by the Veterans at Wing.

On 30 October, they hosted an event at Cathy’s nursery with a Raffle, home made cakes and refreshments, and with help from Nancy & Jean (pictured) £1000 was raised.

Then following another impromptu Raffle, £250 was raised for any gifts that a Veteran may not be able to afford to buy this Christmas.

The community group has raised a staggering £1250 in total. The team at Wing, the service users and the team here at Head Office would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone involved.