If you know someone is struggling with their mental health, let them know they are not the only one who
is, reassure them they won’t be labelled as crazy or mad, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be put
on medication or taken into hospital.

Asking for help is always the most important step towards getting better, and that feeling low or anxious is
a very common experience, especially in the present
uncertain time.

There are various types of support available ,e
ncourage them to talk to someone you know and trust or refer them to one of the following; 

  • Put them in contact or refer them to someone from the Amicus Trust Mental Health Team
  • Talk to your GP
  • Ring NHS 111
  • If you have safety concerns call the CRISIS team, or
  • 999 for emergency support
  • local A and E department
  • Call Samaritans on 116 123
  • Call the Calmzone on 0800 585858
  • Text SHOUT to 85258

Amicus Trust provide support and accommodation for homeless people, including mental health services.