TRBL supporting homeless veterans

Amicus Trust and The Royal British Legion provide much needed accommodation and support to homeless veterans With a significant number of the homeless community coming from an armed forces background, Amicus Trust is continuing to grow its much needed project dedicated to the needs of our homeless heroes.

While many of the issues faced by homeless veterans are the same as the wider homeless population a study by The Royal British legion revealed that ‘homeless veterans have been found on average to be older, have slept rough for longer, be less likely to use drugs and more likely to have alcohol-related problem.’ , which is why Amicus felt it would be beneficial to create a dedicated project to meet their specific needs. “We thought it was important to recognise that while many of the issues are the same’ Janet Prince, Chief Executive of Amicus Trust explained ‘ there are also some very unique differences including a reluctance to seek out support and a strong very sense of identity, pride and shared experience related to their military background’

The Amicus Trust veteran project, which was launched in September 2015 with the support of The Royal British Legion, The Harpur Trust and ABF The Soldiers Charity, it provides homeless veterans with dedicated accommodation for up to 2 years and support services in areas such as education and employment, mental health and life skills – so that when they do move on they are fully prepared for an independent life on civvy street.

In just over a year the project has supported 51 veterans who have found themselves homeless and have already had 14 move on to their own home, 4 become employed, 18 take part in education and employment opportunities and 3 take on voluntary work.
“These people have given so much to support their country and they really do deserve our support in return. The veterans are really receptive to all our support services and work hard at the opportunities available” Janet concluded “seeing these guys get back on their feet, re-connect with families and get into jobs and their own homes is such a reward. “

The project has had to grow this rapidly to keep up with the demand for this service, which started with 12 bedrooms and grew quickly to accommodate a further 18 veterans. Now thanks to the Royal British Legion Amicus are launching an additional 3 properties in in Northants, Leicester and Aylesbury Vale providing much needed support to an additional 26 veterans.

Head of Social Policy & Grant Giving, Dan Elser, said: “We’re pleased to have awarded funding to Amicus Trust. The grant will enable Amicus Trust to use its expertise to make a real difference to some of those who struggle to adjust to civilian life after a career in the Armed Forces, and demonstrates the Legion’s continued commitment to working with other organisations to provide the best support possible to our beneficiaries.” If you an ex-member of the UK forces and want to find out more or need support please call now on 01234 358478