When a client feels they are ready to move on from Amicus Trust accommodation, they start work on a resettlement plan with their Key Worker. They will be supported with making plans to secure their own accommodation and prepare to move onto their own home. Living independently can be a big step, which is why we offer resettlement support to manage any new situations and challenges that arise. 

What is resettlement support?

When a client moves out from Amicus Trust accommodation, they are given the opportunity of resettlement support for up to six months, this comprises of;

  • Regular Key work inline with their resettlement plan
  • Additional telephone support when required  
  • Appointments at the projects for advice and guidance
  • Signposting for any issues impacting on independent living
  • Support with developing skills to manage any new challenges of independence. 

It doesn't end there

Even after the 6 months re-settlement support , Amicus Trust will continue to operate an 'Open Door' policy for former Service Users -providing advice, guidance, support, signposting and cup of tea and chat when needed.