Thanks Amicus Trust

‘I was brought up by my Mum mostly – there was domestic abuse and my Dad was in prison. Mum got a new husband, which didn’t work well for me. I moved in and out of their home, because of the problems there. I was uncomfortable with all this because I missed loads of school, but I stayed on after the school day to catch up and did get my GCSEs.

This coming and going continued – sometimes staying with friends, sleeping on sofas, sometimes staying with Gran or with my boyfriend – but keeping going back to Mum’s. I started college and got some accommodation with family but it was an awful house to live in. I got chucked out – my clothes were ruined, smeared with dog dirt. I went to Mum’s again but then moved in with Nan and Granddad. I helped look after Nan. She died. Christmas without Nan made me even more depressed than before and the drinking got worse. Then my only option was to go where I’d been before, or sleep outside. That’s when I went to The Fountain café in Bedford and got signed up onto Capita, and I moved into BHL (now Amicus Trust) accommodation. I still had depression and drink problems then.

But at BHL I can come home when I’ve been out and not have to worry about where I’m staying. The girls here talk to me. So does my Key Worker. Talking helps. And I get support and guidance, like with letters I get. Stepping Stones really helped. We built up my CV and I got an interview. I didn’t get the job, but I can work on my interview skills now. There is a possibility I may get an admin job – Jon says I’m good on computers and I have a good telephone manner.

It boosts your confidence when someone tells you that you’re good at something. Maybe I could show other people how to do things too. Moving into BHL (now Amicus Trust) supported accommodation also built my confidence, and I am learning to make conversation with new people. We cook nice things, like curry. Residents support each other, and we have security here. It prepares us for independence.’