With thanks to funding from the Community Covenant and The Gibbs Trust, and with support from the Housing Management Team, Veteran Service Users out in our rural project near Cublington are engaging with a number of new on-site and off-site activities!

Well done for everyone involved and for the Service Users for staying motivated!
Cublington (Wing) is Amicus Trusts rural accommodation project, set in the heart of the Buckinghamshire Countryside. It has an allotment on site and can accommodate up to 12 veterans.

Senior at the Veteran rural project in Cublington explained “At the Cublington project, we liaised with the residents in choosing equipment and activities that will help them stay physically active and emotionally engaged in fitness, sport and wellbeing. So far we have bought in new gym equipment, table tennis, pool table and Badminton set." 

The residents are so excited by the facilities. According to them, aside from having fun, the facilities has enhanced their emotional stability, reduced anxiety and frustration, and improve stress and mental fatigue.

One resident noted it has reduced his levels of anxiety, depression and negative mood, and another mentioned it definitely improved his self-esteem and cognitive function. “

Two other residents have also been helped with fishing licenses and are supported to go fishing along the canal or at
nearby fishing lakes on a regular basis. He finds it very beneficial to his mental and emotional health.

Funding & Free Activities for Service Users
Recently we have been successful in securing funding for Veterans, St Neots, Bedford, Leicester and Huntingdon to run their own physical and mental well-being activities. (the aim is to get funding for all regions )