Amicus Trust has been supporting the homeless community since its origins as a soup kitchen in 1974, it has grown to now provide 400 rooms in approximately 80 houses across the East of England. It's aim is to ensure everyone has a chance to achieve a life free from homelessness and a place in their community.

Amicus Trust Limited is a registered charity (268639) and a company limited by guarantee (1182060), it is
managed by Chief Executive Officer, Janet Prince and governed by a board of Trustees made up of 6 volunteers from the community. Amicus currently employs over 80 members of staff and has held Investors in People accreditation for over 12 years.

Our clients are why we exist

Single homeless

Amicus Trust are here for individuals between the ages of 16 – 65 who are rough sleeping, considered homeless or at risk of homelessness. Individuals may or may not have a range of complex needs including mental health issues, ex-offending, alcohol dependency, early life trauma or family breakdown.

Single homeless veterans

Amicus Trust also offer dedicated properties for 16 – 65 year old veterans of the British Forces who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Veterans may or may not face additional challenges such as PTSD, pre-existing mental health conditions, drug or alcohol dependency or family breakdown.

Provide high quality support

When an individual moves into an Amicus Trust property they are supported in progressing towards their own home, breaking the cycle of homelessness.  The quality of support and safeguarding is of utmost importance, with clearly defined policies and procedures in place and full training provided to all members of staff.

We are committed to a client centred approach to supporting individuals as they move from homelessness to a sustainable independent life as part of the community. We start by working with each individual to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) tailored to their own unique needs and provide access to the following proven support services;

  • Supported accommodation in a communal house for up to 2 years
  • Key Work focused on the Personal Development Plan and overcoming barriers to independent living.
  • Education and employment support to encourage educational or vocational progression.
  • Participation in clubs and activities within the wider Amicus community to overcome social isolation.
  • Mental Health support (where required)
  • Volunteering placements within organisations/charities to develop new skills and mix with the wider community.
  • Life skills development
  • Re-settlement support to increase the success of sustainable living.

In addition, Amicus Trust operates a mobile night shelter during the cold winter months and provide mental health support, education and employment tuition (Bedford)  and have an Almhouse for the over 55s in Newport Pagnell.


Ensuring everyone has a life free from homelessness and a place in their community.


  • To enable each client to achieve their outcomes through high quality support planning
  • To demonstrate best practice in the way that we work
  • To be creative and innovative
  • To respect individual rights and needs - and promote choices
  • To work with local and national partners to increase resources and opportunities
  • To recognise and develop the skills and contributions of our staff and volunteers


To achieve this, we will:

  • Be open and honest
  • Demonstrate respect and professionalism
  • Work in partnership with other agencies and providers
  • Take responsibility for what we do.