Supporting Homeless Veterans During the Pandemic

5 Years ago Amicus Trust noticed that 1 in 10 of the clients coming for support were homeless veterans, so in consultation with Veteran service users, Amicus Trust decided to launch a dedicated housing project, where veterans with similar shared experiences could be supported in one house.


The project was such a success that over the past 5 years, Amicus Trust have launched a further 12 houses dedicated to the support of veterans, and now have 13 houses (61 rooms) in Bedford, Sandy, Flitwick, Aspley Guise, Cublington (with allotment), Wellingborough, and Northampton. In 5 years Amicus Trust has supported 385 homeless veterans.


Support has been more critical than ever during the pandemic, with many service users experiencing worsening mental health issues or reduced support from other organisations. Amicus Trust has continued to offer support, Key Working with a Personal Development Plan as well an in-house dedicated mental health support service that offers regular weekly sessions.


 Amicus Trust would also like to say an enourmous thank you to the members of the community and individuals who have taken the time to offer support to the Veteran Service User, especially at Christmas time – including the Wing Health and Help ladies,  local schools and the Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party and Weatherspoons in Bletchley.