Eligibility Criteria

You must be between the ages of 16 and 65, be registered as Homeless and have a local connection to the area that the accommodation you are applying to is based in. (Veterans are exempt from local connection).


The Application Process


When a person is referred to Amicus Trust or approaches Amicus Trust, for accommodation, you will follow 2 simple steps:


  1. Register as Homeless with your local Authority  
  2. Complete an Application Form (see refer / apply section of the website) 


Amicus Trusts Single Assessment Application Form which requires details about an individual’s current situation and support needs. It also includes an equal opportunities form which we ask to be completed.


This form assists Amicus Trust in our monitoring process. Once we receive the completed application form, details will be entered onto our own in-house database system ‘Client Monitor’. This system allows Amicus Trust to easily manage all applications and process data.


  1. References:  If our eligibility criteria is met, two references will be obtained, one from a professional person, and the other from someone who knows the individual personally. Both referees must have known the applicant for at least six (recent) months.
  2. Interview:  Once satisfactory references have been obtained, the individual will be asked to attend an interview with two staff members. This interview is to ascertain the individual’s plans and gives the opportunity to ask questions.
  3. Offer of Accommodation, if successful: the individual will be offered accommodation and a move-in date will be arranged.
  4. Move In:       If you are successful, when you move in, you will receive an induction to help you settle in and the Support Process will commence.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of individuals who apply for accommodation with Amicus Trust, applicants may have to be placed on a waiting list.

All applicants who apply for accommodation will be notified of their progress on the waiting list on a monthly basis.


How to Apply


Complete the Single Assessment Application Form and return a signed copy to the contact details provided on the ‘Contact Us’. Alternatively, please feel free to visit one of our accommodations offices and a member of staff will be willing to assist you with completing the form.


What is expected from you:


Personal Development Plan (PDP) 


Each individual is expected to attend regular meetings whereby you will create and work on a ‘Personal Development Plan’ to help resolve or manage issues which may have contributed to or be associated with becoming homeless. 


Personal Development is the process by which an individual improves themselves, for the good of the individual and others. This could include improving self-awareness, life skills or knowledge, improving potential or enhancing quality of life etc.


Personal Contribution


Individuals that reside with Amicus Trust are required to pay a personal contribution each week towards living costs. These costs include heating, lighting, water etc. You are expected to pay your personal contribution with money received through your benefits or wages. Please note that your rent can increase during your stay with us. We will inform you of the increase in advance.


The Supported Accommodation Process


Each Supported Accommodation is manned by a Senior Lead and Housing Management Workers who are based either in the accommodation or nearby. Amicus Trust service users will attend Personal Development sessions (Key-works) once a week with their Housing Management Worker to review and discuss meeting their Personal Development Plans.

At these Personal Development Meetings, the service user will work with their Housing Management Worker to set and meet achievable targets and goals. This means that the service user and Housing Managmennt Worker will look at; how to improve and develop skills, what aims the service user has and a referral to our Stepping Stones Project (Bedfordshire only)  and/or Mental Health Team.

 The service user will then work towards reaching the set targets and goals, and will discuss their progress at regular meetings.


Three Month Continuous Development Plan Review

After a service user has been staying at one of Amicus Trusts accommodations for three months, a review will take place to reassess the progress of the service user against the overall goals set out in the Personal Development Plan. This review will include comments from the service user, Housing Management Worker, Senior Lead and Outreach services if applicable. The service user will also be asked to complete a Questionnaire on occasions. This questionnaire is designed to assist in the monitor of the quality of our services.




When a service user has achieved agreed targets a resettlement plan can then commence. This means that the Housing Management Worker will assist and guide a service user with making plans to secure their own accommodation. This is a big step to living independently.


Once a service user has moved into independent living Amicus Trust gives the service user the opportunity of a Resettlement Package. The Resettlement Package consists of guidance and assistance in living independently and offers aid should it be needed.   Amicus Trust has an ‘Open Door’ Policy whereupon staff are available to assist and ex-service user should they need guidance.


For monitoring purposes Amicus Trust requests that service user receiving resettlement support completes a support in the community questionnaire 'Exit Review': An exit review is carried out with the service user to review the support that has been given whilst living within the Amicus Trust’s Accommodation. A ‘Moving on Questionnaire’ is completed by the service user. This questionnaire helps Amicus Trust to monitor how efficient and effective the service has been.


Accessing our accommodation


Applying for a place with Amicus Trust:


We will consider all who apply for a room in our communal houses on an individual basis. There is a waiting list for our rooms, therefore we will take your details through the application process and contact you when a room becomes available. All are welcome to apply and we never refuse people without a compelling reason.


If you would like further information on Amicus Trust, please do feel free to contact us.