After the death of her husband, S found it difficult to deal with the loss and grief, and to make things worse developed breast cancer and faced growing debt. S soon found herself in temporary accommodation after losing her home due mounting debts.

In January 2020 she moved into an Amicus Trust house in St Neots. S engaged with staff and took all support and opportunities offered and became a strong member of the household. When the new St Neots team started towards the end of 2020, we noted that she was soon to turn 55yrs old.

With this in mind we with worked with S to explore the idea of retirement housing. S took this on board and started applying direct to providers, as well as via the bidding system. 1 Month after turning 55 S has moved into her new flat in a retirement complex in Peterborough. S couldn’t be happier, calling her now flat her ‘Forever home’. Well done to S, Louise and the team at St. Neots!