Amicus Trust have established a successful Mental Health Service for clients and homeless adults within the Bedford community, this support has now grown to a dedicated Veteran Mental Health Support project and floating support for those who most need it in our other regions. 

We are now able to offer this mental health support to clients of other charities / organisations in the communities in which we operate. 

How the support works

The support provided by Amicus Trust offers your client regular one-to-one sessions ensuring focused support dedicated to their needs, we are experienced in working with clients with complex needs and understand the impact these needs can have on engagement. We will not exclude clients from support (other than for safety reasons) 

We can come on site and deliver support to clients at your premises or arrange appointments at our Midland Road Training Centre, if located close to Bedford. 

Support comprises; 

  • Initial assessment/meeting to discuss needs
  • If appropriate scheduling of regular sessions and / or supported in accessing other services
  • Creation of a Mental Health Recovery plan
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - for low self-esteem, anger and anxiety management or DBT for borderline personality disorders or Talking therapy to or to unload, vent or explore key issues.
  • Signposting and support in engaging with other services for clinical mental health issues
  • Support is available for engagement with drug or alcohol dependency agencies and other support groups i.e. PTSD, anxiety, reducing isolation etc.
  • Suggested self support techniques i.e. exercise, diaries, Mindfulness techniques and Progressive muscle relaxation techniques are also taught

The support can be a great bridge to other types of support, especially if clients are not ready to engage with external services or are on a long waiting list. 

There is no charge for referrals in Bedford, voluntary contributions are appreciated as they will enable the project to continue. 

To find out more call 01234 358478 or email [email protected]